The Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a beautiful island with breathtaking scenery, unspoilt beaches and a relaxed pace of life. By plane or boat, it’s within easy reach of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. For the hundreds of thousands of visitors who are welcomed here year after year, it’s an unforgettable holiday and short break destination.

The Isle of Man occupies a central position in the Irish Sea, and also in the British Isles. Despite its comparatively small size, the Island contains a wide variety of scenery. A range of hills stretch obliquely across the Island, the highest of which is Snaefell at 621 metres (2,036 feet). Between these hills lie well defined valleys. Around the Island's flat northern plain are long sandy beaches which contrast markedly with the rocky cliffs and sheltered bays around the rest of the coastline. Over two thirds of the land mass is cultivated, principally the fertile northern and southern plains.

The Isle of Man as a Country
The Isle of Man is situated in the heart of the British Isles. The country is an internally self-governing dependent territory of the British Crown. It is not part of the United Kingdom but is a member of the British Commonwealth.

Tynwald, the Island's 1,000 year old Parliament, makes its own laws and oversees all internal administration, fiscal and social policies. As a Crown dependency, the ultimate responsibility for the government of the Island is vested in the Crown. By long standing convention, the U.K. Government does not legislate for the Island except with the specific consent of the Island's Government.

The Island's balanced economy combines traditional industries such as agriculture, fishing and tourism with areas of recent growth such as financial services, e-commerce and the film industry.

The Island benefits from a special relationship with the European Union and this allows streamlined movement of goods between the Island and the Union. Regular sea and air services for passengers and freight allow quick and easy access to and from the U.K., Eire and beyond.

The Island's economic progress in recent years has achieved a rapidly rising National Income and very low levels of unemployment. With excellent educational, health and social amenities, the Isle of Man provides a unique quality of life which is appreciated and treasured by all residents both old and new.

The Isle of Man has a colourful heritage, diverse scenic beauty and there are many leisure activities on offer. The tourism industry is well established and the Island provides a fantastic location for short-breaks or for conferences. Some of the most infamous activities on the Island involve motor sports and include the TT, Southern 100 and Manx Grand Prix.

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